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Vision & Values

Shalford Infant & Nursery School, a small school, that promises a special experience which is to be treasured and remembered. We aim to provide teaching and learning which inspires, motivates and engages all children to become life-long learners.

Our values are right at the heart of who we are, driving what we do and how we do it. We pride ourselves on being a caring school with a positive atmosphere and many visitors to the school have remarked upon this. Values Led Learning seeks to make explicit what is happening implicitly. It provides a structure for understanding the way we behave so that everyone is clear about the way we should act and behave.  Our Values Led Learning is helping the children to better understand a range of basic values such as respect, co-operation, care, honesty and friendship and in doing so, preparing them for the world of the future. 

Values Led Learning enables us to work in collaboration with parents/carers, (the children’s main educators), in teaching the children how to be responsible, make good choices and be the very best that they can be, ensuring they get the most out of every aspect of school life. We are sure that you will be pleased that your child is thinking and learning about how to put these values into their lives, empowering them to take responsibility and making the right choices to face whatever school and the wider world throws at them.

We explicitly teach 11 values over the school year. We focus on one specific value each month. In school the children have a values assembly where they listen to stories and discuss what each value means and in addition to this they also have special values lessons in their classroom to allow for smaller group discussion.

Our hope is that this continues at home and that you inform us of things your child has done or said to demonstrate the values. Children nominate each other each week to be a 'Values Ambassador'. 


Feeling thankful for the good things in our lives.


Thinking and acting in a way that shows you care about yourself, others and the world. 


Speaking the truth and acting truthfully


Being caring and helpful, and looking after others.


Being trusted by others to make good choices. 


Understanding what it is like to be someone else and feeling what they are feeling.


Understanding that it is OK to be different. 


Listening to each other and working as a team.


Deciding to do something difficult even when you feel afraid. 


Always trying your hardest and not giving up, even when something is challenging. 


Reaching a goal, however big or small.