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Oak Class


Foundation Stage  

2015 / 2016


Summer Term 2016




Oak Class Staff

Mr Parkin is the class teacher in Oak Class and Miss Preen is the HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) in Oak Class.


Welcome to the second half of the Summer Term!


This term our topic is ......


The Sea


We are learning about all things to do with the sea.  We will be learning about visiting the beach, pirates, life under the sea and ships.  

Important Dates

We change our Library books on Thursdays.

We will have PE lessons on Friday afternoons.  Please send in your child's PE kit.  The children will be able to keep their PE kits on their pegs.

What will my child be learning about this term?

  • We will be learning to start writing sentences and remembering tricky words..
  • We will be learning to read sentences and answer why / how questions about them.
  • Recognising a wide range of tricky words.
  • We will be learning how to add on and take away using a number line.
  • We will learning to recognise numerals to 20.
  • We will learn to recognise solid shapes.
  • We will learn about halving, doubling and sharing.


How can I help my child learn at home?

  • You can help your child recgnise the letters and numbers they see on car number plates or house doors.

  • Your child could use post-it notes to write labels for models they make or small toys they play with.

  • It is important that children see adults writing so they understand writing has a real-life purpose.  If you are writing anything, you can ask your child to help you by saying which sounds to write.

Some useful websites

Mr Thorne does Phonics  This website is filled with short and fun videos about the sounds that letters make.

You can follow us on Twitter and find out about our learning at school.

You can use Purple Mash to create pictures and learn about computer programming.

You could Teach your Monster to read using this fun website.

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