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Our maths curriculum is taught discretely through daily maths learning sessions, but it also supports learning in other areas of the curriculum, so children can use their skills and knowledge as well as understanding the part maths plays in everyday life.

Maths is given a high profile throughout the school with maths activities, challenges and resources on offer in all classrooms, so children can put into practise and extend their learning through exploration and investigation.  The children enjoy learning together as our maths curriculum is collaborative in many ways such as partner and teamwork to solve problems, playing games together that practise key skills and concepts as well as using our values to support each other when mastering new strategies and checking answers. 

A key aspect of our maths curriculum is that children develop a love of maths and become confident and enthusiastic mathematicians, able to use their mistakes in a positive way as an important part of learning.  We further enrich our maths provision through exciting events such as maths week as well as opportunities to learn and consolidate at home. 

Our aim is to enable our pupils to learn to be numerate, with quick mental recall of number facts as well as embracing opportunities to use logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Children are taught to use mathematical vocabulary to explain their thinking to others. 

The emphasis in the early years is to develop number sense in order to have a deep understanding of the numbers to ten, what they represent and how they relate to each other.  Then in Key Stage 1 we use aspects of the mastery approach to ensure that all abilities can develop, thrive and foster a love of maths.