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COVID-19 Information & Support

 Please see below some links to information on Coronavirus that you may find useful.

During these unprecedented times, many young people may experience heightened anxiety. Although some of this anxiety is normal, we are aware that these feelings may be new and unpleasant. CAMHS have therefore, created some webinar presentations to support you as parents, in supporting your child(ren) with understanding anxiety, and some strategies to manage anxiety with the current circumstances of COVID and Lockdown in mind.  

Each webinar is under 25 minutes long and can be paused at any time. We recommend that you begin by watching the ‘What is Anxiety?’ and ‘Strategies to Manage Anxiety’ webinars, as these will provide a general understanding, and may be referred to in the other webinar presentations.  

Each presentation has an online evaluation form which we would be grateful if you could complete. It should take you no longer than 2 minutes. During these evaluation forms, we ask if you would like to be invited to a live, virtual question and answer session with a CAMHS professional. This Q&A is a chance to ask questions about the content of the webinar and gain further understanding about your child’s anxiety and how to access support. 

The webinars can be watched using the YouTube links below – these are private videos so can only be access via these links. You can access the YouTube Playlist here.  We hope that you find these webinars helpful in supporting you through these difficult times.